Cake Party at Air Circulation

Conceptual Cake Party at Air Circulation: 160 Randolph St, Brooklyn NY
March 29, 2014 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Conceptual Cake, Cake Party,

– 1 of 30 Printed with written permission of the artist Only.

“Kake” -

Drawing enhanced with artist photographs and arranged in photoshop.The piece is intended to be  printed on a common printer and installed with thumb tacks. The interaction between the artist and show coordinator (Paulina B.) fulfilling the dictionary definition of conceptual- pushing the out come to perfect.

Thanks to all!

Keep the faith the weather will break for us in the North!



January & February slipped by in the blink of an eye for artist

The weather is wait a minute change, as I look out my office window to a fierce total white out and think what a perfect day for daydreams and strong black coffee.

Metal sculpture, junk art

#730. Charisma (2014)

My personal focus has been on creating the series “Outside on the Inside” inspired by my time and the people in NYC. A catalog is being created to accompany the work.

George Adams, metal sculpture, abstract expression,

#731. M.G.A.

As I round the corner of putting the finishing touches on this sculpture collection. I realize it’s time to get back to commissions, clients and deadlines.

So stop back for a glimpse of what’s to show next from with in the artist eye.

Metal sculpture, Evert, inside on the outside

734. Evert (2014)

Please note: I would like to express my great appreciation and thanks to all that have worked, helped, hindered, enlightened my path recently.

 Life is magic thanks for being there.

Ballard Road Art Studio, artist miChelle Vara, studio shot of metal sculpture,

Ballard Road Art Studio, artist miChelle Vara with series “Inside on the Outside”

To all the other peeps- Thanks for dropping by, wishing you good health-

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WarHorse the not to be missed Performance at Proctors

It been a while since my last post but travel, family, holidays, work have moved at an exceptional pace leaving no time to update a blog. This post is going to be about a team of artist to whom get an absolute standing ovation from my friends and I- War Horse shown at Proctors in Schenectady, NY-

Wow!~ I can’t say enough about how good this production was. I and my not so willing to go to the theater companions, were entertained the entire time. So much so that I didn’t even notice the time fly by.

The mechanics of the puppets were phenomenal.the theater was full and yet not a sound from the audience, as the motions of the horses were so exact you could easily say they were actual horses. The puppets captured your heart with ears that indicated emotion, skin that quivered with a pat of an actor’s hand, breath that held life. The puppets captured the in the moment act of life with the harmony of working with the other actors. The lighting offered drama intrigue and tons of emotional stimuli for the viewer’s response. There’s an odd shaped film screen that plays an artsy background using minimal color, which also really worked to enhance the experience. The Actors worked with passion expression and tons of energy! The level of artistic integrity, physical strength this performance commanded from each and every participant amazed and full kept me and my friends attention.

In the close a standing ovation – if you haven’t seen this production it is a must for all ages. I dint post pictures because I don’t know the rules but you can see allot on Joie and his supporting puppets, makers and the actors on YouTube.


Albany Center Gallery Awards Jurors Choice

Albany Center Gallery Awards Jurors Choice to miChelle M. Vara for the lighted sculpture called -” Füch Performance”.

Juror Jim Richard Wilson of The Opalka Gallery in Albany said ” Awards judging is the kindest. I particularly like the use of materials and whimsy of miChelle M. Vara’s “Füch Performance”.

The piece is one in the new series of lighted works, that Artist Vara has been motivated to create by the gray days of the northern life in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Sculpture Lamp, Füch Performance (2013) Hudson River rock and re-purposed items, welded and finished in clear.Albany Center Gallery Award miChelle Vara Jurors Choice.

Hand Made Gift Giving for the Holidays……

Holiday Gifts Available Jewelry

Vara Designs are all individually handmade at the Ballard Road Art Studio.

Online store- Main link-

The copper Necklace Collection now consists of 2 different elephants and one turtle design approximately 2” in size.

The copy write logo is NOT on the actual works of art.

Lucky ElephantElephant Jewlery

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copper Jewelry, artist made Jewelry,

Sculpture in the form of Light

The Change of season made me turn on the light then feeling the light, invigorated the idea of sculpture as function.

1_m. Vara_110- Lamp_metal Sculpture

Handmade Lighting, using Antique Ribbon barbed wire and circus glass.

Handmade Lighting, using Antique Ribbon barbed wire and circus glass.

Sculpture Lamp, Füch Performance  (2013) Hudson River rock and  re-purposed items, welded and finished in clear.

Please Note Work is always better in person! So please make an appointment to visit the Ballard Road Art Studio Gallery.


Plein Air Painting Landscapes

This much fun is illegal- Every where you look there’s a landscape vista so touching and alive, that changes with in minutes. I couldn’t capture the color or the vibes the universe is sharing with me in the moment, through a camera lens. So I thought paint- ! the experience has called me to as become present in the moment.  The spontaneity makes me drunk with passion for another opportunity to paint outside. The wind, rain, sun compare to my days of field hunting a good horse. The canvas collection spans better than 50 pcs, that doesn’t include the new finished sculpture pieces.

Its really been an outstanding summer.

LAndscaPE PAINTING, cANVAS, PLEIN AIR, michelle vara,Landscape painting, Oil on canvas, Landscapes of NY, michelle vara09- Glens Falls oil paint on canvas, Cooperstown NY, landscape plein air paintings

Thanks to my friends & clients with Special Thanks to Chad for all his support and that push when I need it.

Thanks for stopping in!

Artist Interview for the Atlantic Sculpture Walk

In this  video miChelle talks about two pieces (“Interconnected” and what used to be called the Yamaha now changed to the “Ship of Fools”)  that the Noyes Museum purchased for the Artlantic Sculpture Walk,  part of there permanent collection.

The Noyes museum is really doing good things for the area please visit them when your in NJ, we know your going to enjoy.

Please click the link to see -

North Bennington News includes miChelle

This is my Favorite Show having participated 13 years. Curators have changed along with the art work but the faces, comradery, hot dogs,  Ice cream and fun still stay ESpeCiaLLy OutStanDinG every year. My Heart Thanks Goes to All!

16th Sculpture show North Benningtonmetal Sculpture Murphy and Plastishu 1 on the North Bennington VT show 2013

POSTED:   09/19/2013 01:00:00 AM EDT

NORTH BENNINGTON — What do a State Senator, a tree trimmer and a chair caner have in common? They are all sculptors whose work is on view at the 16th Bennington Sculpture Show. This event had an opening in July and continues to draw crowds of people: people who love sculpture as well as those who see some interesting shapes in a park and want to take a closer look.

Joe Chirchirillo, a local sculpture whose work is shown throughout the Northeast and in Europe, curates the show.  “The NB Sculpture Show is an important event for the community” said Chirchirillo. “There are several reasons for that. First of all, the show has been going on for 16 years. There is enormous value in the history and duration of this event. People look forward to showing and viewing the works that are placed here. Secondly, it offers and opportunity to build community.”

“Artists look for ways to connect amongst themselves and with the larger community” he continued. “This event really draws people into a dialogue with each other and that is very rewarding. The show is also part of the local economy: bringing people into this wonderful area to see art but also to eat out, stay and enjoy parts of our area. We advertised this as far away as the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires. Last but not least is the fact that as a sculptor, it is really important for me to continue the tradition of three-dimensional work. So much art is now photography or digital design. Sculpture is about a person working with materials to reflect a creative process. Each piece is unique and reveals information about material, process and imagination. This is important to remember in these times when so much of what we see is on a screen.”

According to Paula Kautz LaPorte, whose pieces hang from the outside rafters of the North Bennington Train Station, “’Princess Valentine’ is a kinetic, green bicycle sculpture co-created by myself and Arla Foster to celebrate joyful love.” “Princess Valentine” is one of 12 bicycle sculptures created by LaPorte and Foster as their interpretation of the Grimm’s fairy tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”

Another unusual piece by Franc Palaia incorporates solar-powered illuminated photos. Inspired by innovations in the developing world that use bottles to bring light into their dark houses, his “Bottle Bulb Photo Tower” construction is a tower of antique trunks where the top trunk’s transparencies are illuminated by the sun by way of plastic soda bottle bulbs.

miChelle Vara uses re-claimed material that support her belief that “objects capture energy, spirit and history.” Her work is concerned with learning, remembering, thinking and understanding. She explores relationships between what is (experiential and tangible) with what is metaphorical and story based. Another sculptor in the show uses a poem to enlighten the viewer about his piece; ” Evening, strolling down a narrow cobbled street, the sound of flamenco guitar and castanets floats above everything.” Come and see what you think! The show is free and open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk at the park next to the North Bennington Post Office.

Sculpture Murphy and Plastishu 1 on the North Bennington VT show 2013

Sculpture Murphy and Plastishu 1 on the North Bennington VT show 2013

Sculpture is on view until Oct. 25. For more information contact Joe Chirchirillo

Direct LINK Sculpture Murphy and Plastishu 1 on the North Bennington VT show 2013

Spirituality of the Mandala Opening Reception

Nails In the Walls Gallery 17 Oak Ave. Metuchen, NJ
Opening Reception Saturday September 19th 2013, 2 to 5pm.
Show is on display until December 31st 2013
Show runs Monday through Friday 9am to 2pm, Sat 4-6pm, Sun 11am – 2pm and by appointment.
A family welcome event with delicious treats provided by the Metuchen Inn.

metal sculpture showing in Metuchen by artist michelle vara

Divine Providence showing

30 artist from 3 countries showing in this non- traditional exhibition space.
The Community Celebrates Artist whose work addresses our human, spiritual selves and connects them to the bigger community.
The space Creates opportunities for contemplation and ecstasy for all, thus generating a consciousness of the power of visual art in our homes and sacred spaces.
This is supported by the Episcopal Community of St. Lukes

Artist note: Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella, Gallery Director was so supper she met me to install on her own time and after hours. Thanks Linda